Our Story

Northwest Sound Control is a new division of Northwest Drywall Company. The name may be new, but we have worked to solve our customer's sound control issues for over four decades.

At Northwest Sound Control, we know that you want to control the sounds in your space. There are times you want your message clear, but private when you want confidentiality. The problem is distracting noise and lack of privacy, which can cause frustration. We believe your message deserves clarity and your personal information protected from the ears around you. We understand how it feels when the message is unclear, and we care about keeping your private information safe and sound, which is why we would like to use our 40 years of sound solution experience to solve your noise and privacy issues.

Addressing these issues allows you to experience a pleasant space, hear a clear message, focus on what matters, keep your privacy protected, and achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that understands your needs and has the experience to ensure your satisfaction. Architects design beautiful spaces with their eyes, but can sometimes forget the ear is just as important. We trust you will give us the opportunity to resolve your sound control issues and it starts with a call.

Chris A Bryan
President / CEO