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Hard spaces promote distracting noise
Our sound absorption products are designed to correct the effects of distracting noise

“Our goal is to remove noise distractions from your space, allowing you to focus on the message that matters, and end the frustrations of unclear sound.”

Common Noise Related Issues

In today’s world, people face the following general noise-related challenges in every space of life. These become more relevant to spaces like offices, churches, hospitals, schools, and law firms.

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Noise Distractions

Noise Distractions

Noise distractions of any kind can suffocate the actual message that goes out to an individual or audience. These distractions are sometimes unintentional and, at other times, not.

Northwest Sound Control

Actual Hearing Damage

Actual Hearing Damage

Over some time, the general hearing ability of people can be damaged due to noise pollution and lack of active noise control solutions in the market.

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Poor Performance

Poor Performance

The productivity and quality of any individual or firm diminish with time if there is no clarity regarding the task. Understanding the right thing and having clarity can have a profound effect on the subconscious mind and efficiency of an individual.

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Lack Of Privacy Of Individuals Due To Unintended Noise

Lack Of Privacy Of Individuals Due To Unintended Noise

The situation that results from unintentional noise can affect the focus and privacy of the individual or group.

Beautiful Failure

Your space is designed beautifully, the visual appeal is undeniable, and you love your space

However, a design with the eyes alone can be detrimental to your business, your church, your wedding venue, your classroom, or any other space where people congregate.

Common Spaces Impacted by Noise Related Issues

Hard spaces like your office, church, wedding venue, your classroom, or any other, where people congregate, have many noise distractions.

You may have your area designed beautifully, and hence the visual appeal is undeniable. However, if such places have uncontrollable noise distractions, it can be frustrating and detrimental to everyone.

It has been found through research that children hear every fourth word, which is a problem in the classroom. This issue needs to be resolved.

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It is time to stop stressing out from distracting noise, an unclear message, actual hearing damage, poor performance, and the privacy of meetings, interviews, or discussions held in confidence.


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